Evening Buffet Options

evening Buffet options from The Mill Forge

Choose our evening buffet and you will face a multitude of tasty treats

Hot Filled Rolls

(Only served after 9.00pm)

Bacon Rolls
Sausage Rolls

Mill Forge Buffet Options

(Only served after 9.00pm)

Grazing Buffet

With a selection of sandwiches, crackers, cheeses and cold delicatessen meats along with other tasty treats the grazing buffet hits the spot every time.

Ploughman’s Buffet

Comprising of cooked ham, cheeses, pickles, crusty loaf, and a delicious homemade relish, the ploughman’s buffet provides an appetising snack.

Charcuterie Buffet

With an array of delicatessen meats, a selection of cheeses, mini pork pie, crackers and crusty bread, the charcuterie buffet is a mouth-watering treat.

We are happy to price a buffet of your choice. Please speak to one of our wedding planners for details.