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The Mill will hold a provisional booking for 10 days without obligation. If no deposit is received then the booking will automatically be released.


The Mill will reserve the "prime" times of 11.30am, 1.00pm, 2.30pm and 4.00pm for parties who are staying and dining with us. The other times are available for ceremony only bookings. If an accommodation and meal booking were to be cancelled then The Mill reserves the right to move the ceremony to a non prime time.


THE FORGE - Full payment for the hire of The Forge must be made when submitting the booking form to The Mill.
Please note we can not accept one without the other.
ACCOMMODATION - A deposit of 20 per room per night is required to confirm a reservation for a room.
WEDDING MEAL - A deposit of 5 per person is required to confirm a meal.

CANCELLATION by the Client

The payment for The Forge is not refundable under any circumstances.
The deposit for the wedding meal is not refundable under any circumstances. Deposits on a room will only be refunded within 7 days of the deposit being received. After 7 days an administration charge of 20 per room per night will be implemented.
Postponement ...If a wedding date is postponed to a later date then all monies paid will be allowed against that revised date. The Mill will allow a wedding to be postponed once only and a new date is required within 2 weeks of the postponement. A wedding cannot be postponed less than 6 weeks before the ceremony date.


The Mill reserves the right to cancel the reservation if:
- The Mill or any part of it is closed due to circumstances outside its control;
- The booking may prejudice the reputation of or cause damage to The Mill;
In such event The Mill will refund any advance payment (including deposits) but will have no further liability.


Deposits (Non-refundable) as stated on 'Packages Leaflet'.
The balance of the 'Package' must be paid no less than three months before the date of the wedding. Cancellations after this time will result in all monies paid being lost.
Additional meals/drinks package upgrades/evening buffets must be paid no less than 3 weeks before the date of the wedding.
All other Terms & Conditions as stated on Packages Leaflet.


Offer only for parties of 45 or more


WEDDING RECEPTION - Full payment is required no later than 21 days prior to the event. (6 weeks for exclusive use) After this time, the numbers you have given us will be accepted as final and no refunds will be made in the event of any cancellation. An increase in numbers (within limits) will only be allowed at the discretion of The Mill and will be charged for on the day.

ACCOMMODATION - The balance of payment MUST be made on the day of arrival, but may be paid in advance if desired. Unless specified otherwise, deposits will be allocated to individual rooms.

Please allow extra time for posting in order for cheques to clear, payment should be with The Mill 21 days before the event


We accept all major credit cards and Switch/Maestro but not American Express. Cheques to be made payable to 'The Mill'. Please note that we cannot accept a personal cheque exceeding the cheque guarantee card limit less than fourteen days before the event.


Prices are correct at time of print and are inclusive of VAT @20% (where applicable) but may be subject to change.
Registrar's prices are correct at time of print but may be subject to change.


Check in time is 2.00pm on the day of arrival. Check out time is 10.00am on the day of departure.
A changing room is available which must be pre booked and will incur a charge of 10per hour with a minimum hire of 2 hours.
Responsibility for payment lies with the person who has booked the accommodation whether an individual or group booking.


Particular function rooms will be allocated by The Mill and we reserve the right to change function room allocation in the event of numbers changing significantly.
A disco is provided at The Mill's discretion and is available to all guests of the hotel and not private to any individual party. The Mill reserves the right to cancel a disco if the numbers do not reach the originally booked amount.


You will be liable for the cost of repairs carried out as a result of damages caused to any part of the hotel premises or equipment therein by negligence, wilful act or default of any person invited by you or on your behalf to the hotel.
The Mill is totally non smoking and will not allow smoking in any of its premises.